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Ambasel Trading House PLC

“Ambasel” is a trading company which has established a name nationwide as a prominent business firm in the export of agricultural products such as sesame, coffee, Arabic gum etc. and import of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, chemicals veterinary drugs, generators, farm tools/implements (walking tractor). Through its reliable supply of quality products at reasonable prices it has succeeded in winning the trust and respect of its customers and clients. As one of the few largest sesame exporters, Ambasel has highly stimulated a rapid increase in the production of this cash crop by enabling sesame producer’s share the benefits of the export of their produce (by paying in advance for their future products)

Ambasel, which started with an initial capital of 90 million Birr, is now a large trading company whose annual sale accounts to 700 million Birr. With a headquarter in its own nine-storey building in (Addis Ababa, Wollo Sefer) and owns four very large warehouses (in Addis Ababa kaliti sub-district). It has already signed agreements with administrations of various urban centers to build similar warehouses to expand the scale and scope of its business activities.

It has also started the construction of a very large warehouse for storage and sesame processing plant to export value-added sesame product in Metema one of the centers for sesame market.